Prenuptial Agreement Services

Having a prenup in place can protect property and assets in a marriage. While they are more commonly associated with wealthier families, there are many benefits of prenuptial agreements that are relevant to couples in all financial situations. Prenups take considerable planning to ensure that shared assets can be accounted for clearly and so that they can serve to protect you and your spouse in the event of a divorce. Learn more about whether a prenup would beneficial to you and how we can help you during this process!

When Should You Consider A Prenup?

Post Divorce Mediation Session

There are several cases where couples may want to consider a prenuptial agreement. A large part of the agreement covers financial assets that are shared between the couple, with considerations in place that can arise after a spouse passes away or if a couple becomes divorced. For some couples, one spouse may have children from a previous marriage that they would want to set aside an inheritance or pass property to. There are also protections against financial debts that spouses have. Lastly, prenups can prevent arguments during a divorce and also make those proceedings smoother as large financial decisions have already been decided and agreed upon through a prenup. 

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There are many ways that a prenuptial agreement can truly benefit your marriage, however, every family situation is different. At Matrimonial Mediation Services, you can speak directly with Nadia to see whether a prenuptial agreement would be wise for your marriage. Please contact our office to receive professional advice on the next steps to take.