COVID-19 Information

At Matrimonial Mediation, as caring attorney mediators, we strive to be sensitive and responsive to our clients' needs. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, safety through social distancing is a priority. In order to continue to provide the same high level of service during this unprecedented time, we are now offering phone and virtual mediation services to help you efficiently resolve your Legal Separation, Divorce, or Child Custody/Support issues without you ever needing to leave your home.

Our mediation sessions include a comprehensive review of your financials (the division of all assets and liabilities, including retirement accounts; spousal maintenance; and child support), child custody, and parenting plans.

Following the mediation sessions, our attorneys will draft a legal agreement which will be sent to you electronically for review and revisions. For our virtual mediation sessions, we use Zoom Meeting, which you can download and use for free on your phone or home computer. Please contact us for more information or a free phone consultation.