How much does it cost?

Several variables are considered when it comes to cost, most notably the complexity of your situation in terms of children, assets, joint investments, etc.  We offer a complimentary phone consultation to explain the process and answer your questions. The next step is an in-office mediation session, where we do a comprehensive assessment of your financials (all assets and debts, child support, and spousal maintenance) and discuss custody and a parenting plan, if applicable. At the end of our first in-office session we will be able to tell you specifically what you can expect your final cost to be.   Rest assured, unlike traditional law firms, we do not charge per hour, so there will be no accruing legal bills or hidden fees, and you will know upfront exactly how much it will cost to complete your separation or divorce from start to finish, all in the privacy of our office without either of you ever needing to appear in court.


What is the rate of success with mediation?

Based on nearly 20 years of experience in matrimonial mediation, divorces that start in our office have nearly a 99 percent success rate. We also receive phone calls regularly from individuals and couples already in litigated divorces who are frustrated with their cases dragging on and their legal bills piling up. Even with those divorces that are already high conflict, are success rate has been very high.


How much time before I can be separated and/or divorced legally?

Our boutique divorce mediation firm caters to our client’s specific needs and circumstances. We customize our service to match your desired timeframes, schedules, and comfort levels. We understand that some clients want to resolve their separation or divorce as quickly as possible, while others prefer to have more time to make decisions and adjust to the changes.


Can I come by myself?

The short answer is yes. However, mediation is about two people sitting together trying to resolve their issues and work toward an amicable divorce. If you come alone, it may give the impression to your spouse that you are trying to exclude him or her from the process or trying to obtain the upper hand by coming for an initial session on your own.

In certain circumstances it may make sense for you to come alone, if, for example, your spouse lives or works out of the area and is on board with you coming; or, if you are concerned about your spouse’s reaction to you suggesting separation or divorce mediation; or if there are other circumstances that you would feel more comfortable discussing in person.


Can you do long distance mediation?

Yes. However, generally at least one party must be a resident of New York State, except under certain limited circumstances.


After a divorce, can you handle changes in custody and child support?

Post-divorce mediation is one of our specialties. We understand that circumstances can change after a divorce which may necessitate changes in custody or support, for example if one parent moves out of the area or loses employment.