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The realization that your marriage is over can be overwhelming. Take a deep breathe; we are here to guide you through the process and help you create outcomes that will allow you to move on financially, legally, and emotionally.

At Matrimonial Mediation, we are dedicated to helping couples and families resolve conflict with care and respect. We understand that you are trusting us at a time of emotional conflict and upheaval, and we promise to provide you a warm private environment conducive to cooperation, respect, and compassion. We look forward to speaking with you personally.


If you love someone set them free, with kindness.

Your divorce.

Your terms.

Your time frame.


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How We Can Help

Dissolving your marriage through court and the very public judicial system is not only time consuming, emotionally draining and extremely expensive, but it also leaves the ultimate decisions about the terms and conditions of your divorce in the hands of a Judge, not you. Divorce Mediation is about leaving full control of the outcome where it belongs - with you and your partner.

Our team of highly specialized mediation attorneys will help you and your spouse identify, negotiate and collaborate on an agreement acceptable to both of you; thoughtfully customized to best meet the short and long-term needs of the whole family.