Divorce Mediation, HOW DOES IT WORK?

Rather than fighting your issues through attorneys and in the judicial system, which is time consuming, emotionally draining, very costly and focused on the theory of win/lose, in Divorce Mediation, a highly specialized professional will help you and your spouse work together to reach an agreement acceptable to both of you;  thoughtfully and collaboratively customized to best meet the short and long-term needs of the whole family.

What Are The Benefits?Nadia Shahram Divorce Mediation Attorney

  • The emphasis is geared towards solutions rather than fault.
  • Problem-solving is the goal within an environment of mutual respect.
  • Solutions are developed to suit each party's individual needs regarding family,finances, and future.
  • Redirecting the relationship with an emphasis on parenting and guiding your children.
  • Mediation can help preserve the family's emotional well being.
  • The process allows for more control from the parties, rather than directives from the court.
  • Mediation costs thousands of dollars less than lengthy divorces.
  • Mediated divorces usually take much less time to complete, minimizing anguish, inconvenience, and cost.

What Should we Expect With a Divorce Mediator?

When couples opt for divorce mediation, they meet with the mediator and go over each issue and challenge. The mediator assists the couple by providing financial and parental suggestions that serve to benefit the family holistically. The mediation process allows spouses to dissolve their marriage on terms that are fair to all parties over the long term.  

If mediation is not successful, a litigated divorce process is still an option. The parties always have the option to escalate the mediation process to judicial divorce proceedings, when necessary.

Nadia N. Shahram, an experienced and specialized mediation attorney, is passionate about providing a safe, warm and private environment, which has proven more conducive to productive negotiation and resolution rather than the confrontational and divisive atmosphere of the court system.

When divorce is on the table, it is wise to seek the professional advice of an impartial mediation attorney during the emotional and stressful process. Contact the offices of Nadia N. Shahram today for more information and a consultation about the services that are available.

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