Legal Separation Services

Most people think of divorce as the only solution when a marriage has reached a very troubled state. However, legal separation is another approach that is distinct from the divorce process. Legal separation has become increasingly common as the benefits of this arrangement become more well known to individuals considering divorce.

What Is Legal Separation?

legal separation in Orchard Park NYWhile divorce formally ends your marriage, legal separation stems from an agreement where both partners live apart from one another without formally dissolving the marriage. There will be formal discussion and signed agreements that cover living situations, custody decisions, and financial rules. With a legal separation, the decision to remain married or to finalize a divorce is still available after spending time separated. 

What Are The Benefits of Legal Separation?

One of the primary benefits of a legal separation is that it provides space between a couple to better consider how to proceed with a marriage. Legal separation gives you time to plan for all the decisions surrounding divorce while also remaining legally married. Both partners will live separately to better transition in their relationship and family life in a manner that is not as abrupt as a divorce. This can make it easier for children to adjust to changes in family dynamics too.

Legal separation is also authorized by formal court order, creating standards for your separation that are not verbal or ambiguous. At Matrimonial Mediation Service when we plan for a legal separation, the details are explicitly stated to make sure you can follow everything clearly. In addition to preparing with the help of a mediator, your legal separation agreement can also be more easily structured into your formalized divorce, making that process quicker. 

Is Legal Separation the Right Choice For You?

Considering all the options and decisions that accompany a divorce is difficult for anyone to process. At Matrimonial Mediation Service, you can speak directly with our attorney mediators about legal separation and how this approach can benefit your marriage directly. Please contact our office to receive professional advice on how you should best proceed!