Benefits of Choosing Mediation:

  • Confidentiality: Compared to the public nature of the court, mediation protects your privacy. You will receive expert legal advice and direction in a private, warm and environment. Once an agreement has been reached, we will draft all of the required legal documents and go to court on your behalf.
  • Control: Instead of leaving the decision to a judge, mediation leaves the terms of your divorce in your hands. Our experienced attorney mediators will help you create equitable solutions that will stand the test of time. We provide creative solutions to suit each individual's needs regarding family, finances, and future.
  • Minimal Conflict: We emphasize solutions, not blame.  Our experienced attorney mediators provide compassionate, respectful and impartial guidance and counsel toward each party involved. We offer advice and guidance that helps resolve differences and create favorable terms of resolution for both parties. In situations where children are involved, we strive to redirect the relationship towards optimized co-parenting.
  • Significant Savings of Time, Money and Stress: Our mediated divorces take on take on average 1-3 months, compared to litigated divorces, which frequently take 1-2 years to resolve.
    • No court dates; no missing work; and no time and money wasting delays
    • No accruing legal fees;
    • No waiting to move on with your life.

As experienced attorney mediators, we will help you and your spouse reach amicable terms on important issues, eliminating chances of lingering ambiguity in the years to come. We carry professionalism, sensitivity, and understanding into these challenging discussions, navigating those in need of help through healing and resolution. If you would like to pursue divorce mediation, please Contact Us today!