Post Divorce Mediation

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Post-Divorce Financial or Co-Parenting Mediation

Once through the legal stress of a divorce, life often presents unforeseen situations to navigate. Living conditions and financial situations change and new circumstances may necessitate a request for modification of a final judgment of dissolution. Mediation is appropriate for addressing changes relating to child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, etc.

Situations can be assessed and re-evaluated if circumstances make it necessary, or it is decided to be in the best interests of a child. Almost any part of a divorce settlement can be modified if the financial or living conditions of one of the parties changes significantly. Some other common reasons for seeking post-divorce modifications are related to the loss of a job, parent relocations, and altered living conditions of one of the parents – including co-habitation or remarriage. While most divorce modifications are related to custodial or support issues of children, property agreements and debt distribution can also be altered.

Co-parenting concerns

A commitment to respectful co-parenting for divorced couples offers parents a chance to really help their kids. Children can become lifelong victims of their parents’ divorce. The children who do not fare well are the ones whose parents are hostile and fighting. When the parents work to minimize conflict and remain involved in their children’s lives, damage can be avoided or significantly reduced.

Mediation is highly effective for resolving post-divorce parenting issues that are common as children grow older and parents reestablish their lives after divorce. The willingness and ability of each of the parents to encourage a close and continuing parent-child relationship can minimize post-divorce pressures. Mediation can improve communication with your former spouse to keep your child from being caught in the middle.

The mediator helps parents discuss perspectives, exchange information, and make informed decisions about the best interests of their children. Children benefit from the reduced hostility and increased understanding that parents gain through the process of mediation.

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