Legal Separation in Orchard Park NY

When couples consider filing for a divorce, our advice is to consider legal separation first. Many couples have never heard about a legal separation, but decide that it is a wiser choice for them initially. By providing space for couples to think before completing a divorce, legal separations can help couples establish greater stability in their future decisions.

What Is Legal Separation?

legal separation in Orchard Park NYThrough a legal separation, couples remain married but decide on how to live distinct lives. Legal separations are upheld by legal mandates, maintaining boundaries agreed upon by both parties. This means you will have the control to determine the nature of your living arrangements, finances and custody control. With a legal separation, couples find the space they need to process their own thoughts about their relationship and consider their next steps.

What Are The Benefits of Legal Separation?

The largest benefit of a legal separation is the capacity to live apart from one another with pre-determined boundaries while remaining legally married. This allows for the opportunity to clearly reflect on any matter of conflict in your marriage without the pressure of handling daily life in a turbulent living space. Often this brings a greater sense of peace to a couple as they can approach their decisions with less pressure and discomfort. 

Another benefit of legal separation is the creation of official boundaries for your relationship. With a legal separation, the couple will decide on living arrangements, financial measures and the extent to which they spend time together. This level of separation allows for a better understanding of how to function independently, with some agreements of separation able to fully extend towards settlement through a divorce. Without this measure, many couples may decide on different arrangements for a divorce without as much consideration or experience. Legal separations can help prevent couples from rushing to divorce without exploring all their options.

Is Legal Separation the Right Choice For You?

Legal separation may be highly beneficial for you and your spouse to make the wisest preparations for your family. At the Matrimonial Mediation Center, we have supported couples through every stage of their relationship, with dedicated counsel for a divorce or legal separation. Please contact our office to discuss your situation and see how we can help!