Client Feedback

Here are some examples of what previous clients have to say about Nadia's practice:

"Nadia handled a marital separation/divorce agreement for me and my ex. I was in Western NY and the ex was in Arizona during the entire process. The matter went easily, smoothly, expeditiously and without any significant conflict. The final settlement was agreed to easily and quickly by all and accepted through the court without a glitch. Working with Nadia saved me time, effort, money and heartache. But in addition, Nadia proved to be a wonderful person. Always gracious, understanding, and accepting, she proved a calming and steadying influence in some difficult times. And she brews some wonderful tea! Professional yet personable, I would recommend Nadia to anyone seeking a dignified, non-combative and sensible alternative to arguing a case in divorce court."

-Alyssa H.

"Recently my Husband and I went through a divorce by the process of Mediation with Attorney Nadia Shahram. As a result of her sensitivity to our mutual needs and concerns as she processed our separation, we have been able to remain friends. I am very grateful to her because of this. Her gentle demeanor, style, kindness, understanding, and relaxing mediation room put both of us at ease and made the whole process tolerable. She kept reminding us that the only way to survive a divorce beautifully and maintain some respect and dignity is through mediation. She was right. We are so glad that we found her."

-Joanne P.

"When my wife first recommended mediation as a possible legal process for our divorce, I was somewhat skeptical. But when I met attorney Nadia Shahram and saw her style of mediation and how she treated couples going through a difficult time in their marriage, I was sold. I have become a fan of mediation and would highly recommend Nadia for anyone who is considering divorce and wants to save his or her hard-earned money and sanity. Nadia has a way of seeing the forest through the trees and she tells it the way it is. I truly admire her insight and sensitivity."

-Peter J

 I feel very fortunate to have found you as our lawyer. You made a difficult time much easier. You are someone I admire very much.


"Dear Nadia, 

I just wanted to thank you for the way you handled our initial separation, and subsequent divorce. I truly appreciate your professionalism, sensitivity, and sincere interest and kindness. It was a very difficult time for my family. I know we imposed a great deal of tension and drama on you and your staff with all the questions and phone calls but you never complained. My ex wife and I both feel that you gave us much more than awsome legal services. You freely gave us personal advice, compassion, couples therapy, friendship, and more. I will whole-heartedly recommend Mediation and you for anyone going through a divorce. Thank you."



I appreciate the extra effort you devoted to expediting our divorce in time for me to start my new life and marriage. You are truly a godsend. Thank you so much."

-Margret. W.


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About Nadia

Nadia N. Shahram received her B.S. in 1988 and her J.D in 1997 both from the State University of New York at Buffalo. In 1997, following graduation from law school, Ms. Shahram and her family spent a year in Zurich and Paris. While spending this time in Europe, Ms. Shahram studied the various alternative dispute resolution methods used in other countries, and she saw especially the value of family mediation as it is practiced in Europe and Asian countries.  

Mediation is an appoach to problem-solving that harnesses the concepts of self-direction, collaboration and creative thinking to process conflicts in a non-combative and respectful manner.  The focus is on crafting resolutions that all parties agree are equitable and sustainable.  The private and relaxing setting is far more conducive to productive negotiation than the combative atmosphere of a courtroom, indeed, most of our clients never set foot inside a courthouse -  all filings are prepared and signed in our office.