Expert Testimony in Islamic Family Law

Ms. Shahram's cultural, educational and professional experiences have provided her with a broad knowledge base from which to offer expert opinion and assist courts and attorneys in dealing with Muslim clientele in matrimonial and family law. In particular she offers her expert opinion on shari'a and the application and interpretation of law of different Middle Eastern nations. Nadia also has expertise with Islamic family laws at the time of divorce, regarding marriage contracts, Maher, dowry, custody and other religious and cultural practices. Her most recent research project is on the comparative study of the differences and similarities between domestic violence, homicides, and honor killings.

Ms. Shahram is a mediation attorney with a private office in Williamsville, New York. Nadia is a board member of New York State Council on Divorce Mediation, a member of the Women's Bar, board member of Family Justice Center, and the Erie County Bar associations.